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Adopt -A- Fort Hood Unit



Adopt -A-Fort Hood Unit is an AUSA-coordinated, chamber of commerce-supported, neighbor-to-neighbor program that is strengthening ties between our military and civilian communities by making it easier to meet and know one another – at the grassroots.

Adopt -A-Fort Hood Unit is a matchmaker, and our way of mobilizing ourselves by being available, extending a hand, becoming better informed and being good neighbors. And it works both ways!

Adopt-A-Fort Hood Unit matches specific Fort Hood units (usually a company or battalion) with specific civilian organizations (usually a civic club, church, business or neighborhood group) so that both gain.

Adopt-A-Fort Hood Unit is building bridges between Fort Hood and its neighbors – and not just a few of them. Adopt A Fort Hood Unit is building hundreds of lines of communication between Fort Hood and its neighbors, and making Central Texas stronger in the process.

Adopt-A – Fort Hood Unit is being coordinated by AUSA with the help of area chambers of commerce. Participants do not have to be AUSA members to enroll. Everyone involved in Adopt A Fort Hood Unit is doing this because it’s the right thing to do – and the right time to do it.

You might ask how are Adopt A Fort Hood Unit pairings matched? Answer: if a civilian partner has a preference, we match the preference. Even if a Fort Hood unit is already partnered with some civic entity under Adopt A Fort Hood Unit, if you also want that unit, you get it! Just let us know when you enroll.

If you have no preference, we try to generally follow this formula – though if there’s a deployed unit without a civic connection, we will first work to fill that need.

For more information on the  Adopt-A-Fort Hood Unit program, please contact:  Rob Walter at