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Program of Work

Central Texas-Fort Hood Chapter

Association of the United States Army


July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017

Chapter Mission: Voice for the Army – Support for the Soldier

Chapter objectives include development and implementation of programs and activities in the following areas:

 AUSA National

 Communications

 Fundraising

 Membership

 Chapter Activity

 Adopt A Fort Hood Unit

 Meetings

I. AUSA National

o Remain the Largest Chapter in the World.

o Achieve no less than Merit Chapter Status.

o Achieve National President’ Club Gold Status.

o Receive one (1) National Award/Recognition every 3 years

o Recruit local members to represent chapter on national committees

o Support AUSA National Issues

II. Communications

o Develop delivery mechanisms

Use all forms of communications applied strategically to include: web site, email, social media, print, events, meetings, and face-to-face to distribute chapter news

Engage communities in our service area in order to promote AUSA

 Identify a champion for the Waco area to expand publicity of events and chapter activity

 Discover additional media avenues in these communities to share the AUSA story

 Seek opportunities to make presentations in these communities regarding AUSA to local leaders and businesses

o Develop content – Ongoing

Produce 5 Newsletters

Develop and share social media content

Develop system to capture soldier support stories appropriate to share through media/community outlets.

Review and update talking points used for marketing

o Maintain chapter visibility on Fort Hood

 Participate in Farewell Ceremonies and civil leader events.

       Invite General Officers and Senior NCO’s to chapter meetings/events.

      Schedule and carry out regular Office Calls with III Corps Commander, Brigade Commanders and CSMs

III. Fundraising

o Apply for two grants

o Continue the Annual Golf Tournament

o Cultivate donors for scholarships

IV. Membership

o Individual

Meet the national goal

Implement a recruitment team approach through engaging retired military members

Develop a plan to deliver and communicate value to current Individual Members.

 Ongoing Unit Presentations

 Representation during the weekly New Comer’s Briefing

Expand off-post recruitment efforts

o Corporate

The goal is 225 Corporate Members

Develop a plan to communicate value to the business community

V. Chapter Activity

o Provide support and development opportunities for soldier, family, unit, ROTC, and Retirees

Provide a Coupon Book. Research opportunities to move into a digital format.

Conduct Annual Scholarship Program

Communicate with leadership to provide relevant professional development opportunities

Continue providing financial support to soldiers, families, and units.

o Ongoing Awards/Recognition

Vietnam Veteran Pinning Ceremonies

Soldier/Unit Achievement Recognition

Family/Volunteer Achievement Awards

Corporate Member Recognition

o Develop opportunities to engage Young Professionals

o Engagement/educational opportunities for Corporate Members

VI. Adopt A Fort Hood Unit

o Continue to develop the program and make sustainable connections between units and local communities/businesses

o Expand to the Battalion level

VII. Meetings

o Conduct 4 General Membership Meetings

o Monthly and bi-monthly Executive Committee Meetings and Board of Governor Meetings

o Coordinate delegation to attend the AUSA National Meeting in DC